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Essay Instructions

The application essay is an important element in

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Essay Instructions

The application essay is an important element in our decision to admit prospective students into CGHS programs. Graduate school requires exemplary critical thinking and writing skills and this essay allows the admissions committee to evaluate your abilities in both areas. The content (what you write) and form (how you write) is given significant weight in the admissions decision. It is essential that you take the time to think through your responses to the essay questions, organize your thoughts into a logical progression, and ensure that your sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation are correct. Since this is a sample of critical thinking and writing ability, the essay may not be longer than 1,000 words.

Write out each question/statement in bold as a heading followed by your answer. This will make your essay easier to read and allows you to address each question specifically.

CGHS seeks high quality individuals who are motivated to pursue their educational goals.

Discuss your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree.

2. Successful completion of a graduate program for busy professionals involves dedication, time commitment, and support.

How will you make graduate studies a priority? (Be sure to address your dedication to persevere, your commitment to study

time, and your network of support while in the program.)

3. The admissions committee seeks to know how your experience (personal and/or professional) relates to the degree program to which you are applying and if you have an adequate understanding of the field of study.

Discuss how your experience relates to the program you are applying for and describe your current understanding of the field of study.

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