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Final Individual Assignment “Sustainable Future” PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CA

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Final Individual Assignment “Sustainable Future” PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, LET ME KNWO IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS HAVE TO INCLUDE TESLA AS A STOCK – LOOK AT A PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT IN THE COURSE (See attachment – TESLA_Preclass.Assignment.pdf) ALSO HAVE A LOOK AT THE SLIDES FOR TERMS (See attachments – Day 1_Class.pdf etc.) —————— Assignment: You have learned valuable information on the financial markets, cryptocurrency, and the principles around ESG investing. A great investor is always looking to the future, selecting the best strategy for sustainable growth. Your final task will be to put together all you’ve learned from the course, and prepare a sustainable investment strategy. – Your role is Chief Investment Officer at XYZ Financial. – Your task is to ensure your firm stays relevant in the industry. – The board has asked you to look at sustainable investment options for the future. – In doing so, you must select what you believe will be the best cryptocurrency investment for the future, and which public companies are great sustainable investments. Task: Describe your values and investment philosophy. What do you believe is necessary to commit to for the future? Please select one cryptocurrency you believe will be fundamental to your investment strategy, and key for future growth. Why do you believe in this crypto? And what role will this cryptocurrency play in the future? Also select five publicly traded companies you believe are key to include in your portfolio to maintain a sustainable investment strategy. Describe your reasoning behind each company and why you believe it is a sustainable investment option. (TESLA ONE OF THEM) Which ESG issues do you believe will an integral part of investing in the future? Do the investment options you’ve selected align in solving any of these issues? Does your selected company in the pre-class assignment fit into your new strategy? What led you to your investment selections? (Use class concepts & research strategies) Conclude by stating your purpose, emphasizing why this new sustainable investment strategy is key for the future. And why the board should support your recommendation. The goal of this assignment is to put together everything you’ve learned from this course and create your own investment strategy. Use your creativity and key themes from the course to support your choices. Be sure to include industry terms and other concepts you’ve learned. Use research at your discretion to support your reasoning. Logic is key – there is no wrong answer. The assignment is expected to be well structured, coherent, and approximately 2000 words.

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