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Assignment #2 – Technology Needs Analysis and Strategic Initiative – Presentatio

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Assignment #2 – Technology Needs Analysis and Strategic Initiative – Presentation Course Outcomes: Analyze an organization’s technological needs and stakeholder’s ability to learn and adapt. Demonstrate appropriate technology-based initiatives that improve organizational strategy, structure, and performance. Assignment Content: Identify a firm within an industry that you may be familiar with or one that is of interest to you. Conduct an organizational needs assessment to identify a current technological business problem or an opportunity found within the firm. Identify and define the problem/opportunity and assess the current state of the firm surrounding the problem/opportunity. (Use the following to begin your statements: “The general problem/opportunity is…” and “The specific problem/opportunity is…”. Discuss the gap between the problem/opportunity and the current state of the firm, incorporating a discussion that impacts the firm’s internal and external stakeholders. From your analysis, develop an organizational improvement plan by discussing a technology-based initiative that could address the problem/opportunity while also improving the organization’s overall strategy, structure, and performance. No recommendations are needed for this assignment, only a plan of potential actions. Presentation Details Students are to prepare a 12 – 15 (Max) slide presentation. The presentation slide count does not include the title, reference, or appendix slides. Each slide should have brief, key points displayed with images that visually tell the story. For MM or fully In-class sessions, students are required to present to the class; for Online mode, students are to tell their story through an audio format. In both cases, audio/spoken content should equate to an average of 60 seconds per slide. (Should Online students not have the technology necessary to present via the required format, please discuss with, and gain approval from, your instructor first to include speaker notes prior to submitting your assignment to the grade book.) Include a minimum of ten (10) quality references; five (5) that come from scholarly sources. Additionally, use at least three provided resources from the course shell. Submission title: Last Name, First Name, Assignment Title

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