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The budget involves a give-and-take process between competing interests that eve

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The budget involves a give-and-take process between competing interests that eventually gets resolved at the legislative level. For Special Purpose Governments (which we will discuss later in this course), it is resolved by voters. Fire departments come in two forms. Many are part of a general municipal government. Others are separately incorporated in districts. In any event, they all compete with very worthwhile activities that are going on in your community (and which require more and more financial support over time). So, here is your assignment: Scroll through the various articles that you find in your folder related to fire service budgeting; Identify and contact the chief and/or treasurer in your municipal fire company. Explain clearly to them that you are collecting information for a class project in Public Budgeting at SUNY-Canton and the only other person who will see your report is your professor. Feel free to give them my contact information. Most departments have their own websites/Facebook pages; Ask the chief/treasurer the following questions. (If you can get their email address, it may be easier for both of you if these questions are asked/answered by email): What are the greatest financial challenges that you face as a chief/treasurer? How do you make the case for your budget requests? (If they have a document/pptx that makes the case, ask them if they can share it with you.) How has your department changed in recent history in response to the budget constraints? Ask for a copy of the current budget (if one is not readily available on the website). Before you conclude your conversation, promise that you will share a copy of your research assignment with the chief/treasurer. Take the information you have gleaned from the chief/treasurer, as well as the information found in the articles mentioned in your folder (and any other information that is germane), and prepare a 3 page paper explaining the various challenges. Explain how department leadership has pivoted to meet these challenges. Using the information that is found in the budget, identify a trendline of income/expenses for the department. You should submit in Word and use an 11 point font, 1” margins and 1.5 spacing. A dropbox is available in your file folder (“First Research Assignment”), and it should be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 12. (BTW, you have an exam on June 12, so let me encourage you to get your first research assignment done before then.) I am From Rochester,NY, 14608 , Monroe County ,so the information should be from here

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