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Addresses the following questions/statements (use the questions as subheads in e

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Addresses the following questions/statements (use the questions as subheads in each paper): Select two different research theories from The Social Animal (e.g., Social Identity Theory) and go into a detailed description, discuss related material, and apply the experiments to real-world phenomena. You will need to find resources outside the textbook to complete this paper. Answer the following questions for each of the theories. Break up your paper into two parts (one part per theory) and use the questions below as subheadings in each section of your paper. 1-What is the theory? Provide a detailed description. 2-What evidence is used to support the theory? Find research articles supporting the theory and describe them in detail (at least two). 3-How can the theory be used in real life? Apply the findings to the real-world phenomenon. Report Paper minimum requirements (make sure to cover each one of these requirements in your paper): 1–***Place the PLAGIARISM STATEMENT/MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST/GRADE SHEET FORM TO EVERY PAPER AS THE FIRST PAGES OF THE DOCUMENT. It is available in course materials.*** 2-For each part, include the “Describe Questions” as subheads, fully address the “Describe Questions,” and thoroughly include the information from the text and other readings. 3-APA style (use the APA style help links in course documents) (no first person, no contractions…). No Abstract. 4-No less than 1500 words in the body of the text, not including the plagiarism form, a title page, references, or any other words outside the body of the paper. 5-Double spaced, 12pt Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, or similar font. No script, font in the text. 6-1-inch margins all the way around the page. 7-Proper APA style in-text citations and APA style reference page—see course documents for APA help. 8-Properly paraphrase all information with APA style in-text citations, references, and no word for word of any kind (including previously turned in material for this or any other class). It is the only way I truly know that you know the material if you can put it completely in your own words, while still citing. Any 4-word string of word for word or more will not count in your paper’s page length or content to be graded. Major violations may be turned in to the Academic Integrity Committee. 9-Use research support and provide details when answering these questions for your papers. Do not use Wikipedia, any encyclopedia, dictionary, undergraduate textbook, or any other unedited source. Ask me if you are not sure about your source. The two theories are the Stereotype Content and the Intergroup Emotions Theory.

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