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For your paper: Select several (at least two) major television and/or print medi

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Political Science | 0 comments


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For your paper: Select several (at least two) major television and/or print media outlets in the United States. (For example, you may choose to look at CNN and Fox News, or the New York Times and Washington Post, among others.) Research their corporate ownership, political party connections, ideology, target audience, and their notable writers, anchors, reporters and commentators and any political leanings you observe. Share your findings on these. Be specific. Use your own words. Explain the reputation of the news entities you selected historically, compared to today. Describe the unique qualities of each major outlet you have selected and what distinguishes them from one another (or, in some cases, how they are similar to and mirror one another). Compare and contrast their political leanings. Next, cover the following: What role, especially in an election year, does the national news media play in covering federal elections, issues, and candidates? Provide several (at least two) recent examples of significant items of national importance, from the past few months, and how they have been covered by the media. These could relate to the 2022 federal elections (and candidates), occurrences and issues meaningful to Americans, or national government leaders (the President or members of Congress, for example) and their words/actions. (NOTE: Remember to cite your sources here–and throughout your paper.) With these stories you are examining, do you see differences in coverage and types of coverage among the news outlets you have selected for this assignment? Is coverage unbiased or slanted in one direction? Explain what you observe. Important: After conducting your research for this paper, do you believe that there exists a media class or a powerful “elite media” in America? Why or why not? What, according to your research, is the “elite media?” What, according to your textbook, are “framing,” “priming,” and policy agenda-setting? Explain what each of these terms means, including examples when helpful. Then, briefly mention how technology and “new ?media” are used by the media: What purposes does news available on the internet serve? Is access to “new media” sources important to a nation’s citizens? Why? Finally: In your concluding thoughts, include: What are a few key things you learned from your research for this assignment?

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