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Instructions Visual Argument/Commercial Analysis Essay: Establish the criteria f

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Creative writing | 0 comments


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Instructions Visual Argument/Commercial Analysis Essay: Establish the criteria for the commercial that you choose to evaluate: Audience traits Background music Images Symbols Point of view or perspectives Cultural preconceptions Use three of these criteria to analyze one of the selected commercial. Keep in mind that the purpose of the commercial is to sell the product. How does the commercial succeed or fail in that goal based on your analysis? The essay should be typed, edited, and 5 paragraphs with 7 to 9 sentences for each paragraph.. You will have an introduction, three body paragraphs that connect back to the three points in your thesis. Use MLA format. Include a work cited page for the commercial you analyze and an in-text citation for each quote, paraphrase, or summary. An analysis is not a plot summary. Do not write a plot summary. You are analyzing aspects of the commercial based on criteria you have established to be pertinent in the commercial to selling the product. Select ONE of the commercials for your paper. Dove-Onslaught Or Marine Recruiting Commercial Suggested thesis guide: The commercial ­­­­­­­­­­_______uses the criteria of _______, _______, and _______to effectively sell the product _______to the specific audience of _______. Citation Guide page 593 Chapter 28 MLA Style: Advertisement: Audio or Visual Work Cited Name of Product or Company. Advertisement or description of it. Date. Name of Host Site, URL. Accessed Day Month Year. In-text citation: (Dove-Onslaught) or (Marine Recruiting) You do NOT need to include the time stamp.

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