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Part 1: BUSINESS DRIVEN ETHICS AND SECURITY- Responding to Dilemmas Many times,

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Management | 0 comments


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Part 1: BUSINESS DRIVEN ETHICS AND SECURITY- Responding to Dilemmas Many times, on a project, a project manager’s judgment about what is right or wrong is called into question. Within limits of reason, always try to provide early visibility of issues and risks and provide mitigation plans. Things do not go away just by ignoring them. Project managers must act with integrity and professionalism, ethically and responsibly. How would you respond to each problem below? You are aware that the project you are managing has gone to “red” status due to a 10 percent schedule slippage. Do you alert the stakeholders or wait to see if the team can get back on track? A member of the executive team asks you to hide the fact that one of the business requirements collected is inaccurate, causing a $200,000 fix. The executive believes it is the customer’s fault as they signed off on the business requirements. You have several employees that are not pulling their weight on the project, leaving early, and missing deadlines. One employee will be fired if you notify HR of these problems. Part 2: BUSINESS DRIVEN INNOVATION Work Breakdown Structures Just imagine you have worked out how much an hour of your time is worth. Is it $10, $40, $150? Document each task you complete in a day and ask yourself which ones are not worth your time—or you should not be working on. For example, let’s say you’ve set a dollar value on your time of $300 per hour. If it takes you an hour to go through your emails each day, is that the best use of your time? Perhaps you could outsource your email management. The hardest part of running a business or a team is getting work done. It always sounds easy, but even with a great project manager and project plan, it can still be challenging. Your best assets are your team: Hire the best people and you will gain the best results. But the hardest part is letting go of the control. Great leaders learn to delegate. Here are a few guidelines for delegating effectively: Recognize the capabilities of your team members. Trust your team’s ability to get the job done. Focus on results and let go of your need to get involved in how tasks are accomplished. Consider delegation to develop the skills of your team. Delegate to the lowest possible level to make the best use of staff resources. Explain assignments clearly and provide resources needed for successful completion. Questions: Have you ever had to delegate to a co-worker or a fellow student? What problems did you encounter? Was the work done to your satisfaction? Have you ever found yourself as the student on the group project completing all of the work? Part 3: BUSINESS DRIVEN GLOBALIZATION Global Work Breakdown Structures The world is global, and I am positive that in your class right now there are students from around the world. Have you even contemplated how difficult it is to work on a global team? There are so many challenges that you might not have thought of when it comes to global work. Just think of time zones with a team with participants from Europe, America, Asia, and India. Can you imagine the scheduling nightmare of setting up a meeting? Not to mention the language barriers and workflow issues. Question: Discuss the following list and identify three problems you might encounter in each area along with potential solutions. Geographic boundaries Cultural differences Economic issues Technological differences

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