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Spiritus Organic Essential Oils is a small scale of Mexican essential oil retail

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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Spiritus Organic Essential Oils is a small scale of Mexican essential oil retail company. There is currently a network store and 3 spa retail bases and 2 boutiques in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Spiritus Organic Essential Oils is a 100% organic product, raw materials from different parts of the world and mixed and bottled in Mexican facilities. The full range of products produce 12 specific mixtures for different purposes such as skin, hair, mosquito bites, aromatic therapy, muscle pain. The assignment The company’s goal is to start in Europe, they need to market strategic campaigns and road maps to create customer bases and operations in the region for the company. The reasons for choosing Europe are because the Netherlands and the Nordic market are not as large as the United States, and companies such as the capital group are easier to find the entry point for companies such as Spiritus Organic Essential Oils, but because consumers are not familiar with the related products. Therefore, it is also necessary to include the part of knowledge, people can begin to understand what the essential oil is. ? Spiritus Organic Essential Oils is not yet available in Europe, and company hope that the brand can find a place in the market sooner and earlier before the expansion of American groups or local competitors that not yet have a strong presence in Europe. ? How to let customers know that this is an excellent organic and environmentally friendly product choice and become a market-first brand? For small companies, Europe is a more interesting market with a greater chance of success. How can Spiritus Organic Essential oils find an effective channel to enter the European market? Research Questions: 1. What is the state of the European market? • Essential Oils in Europe • Competitors • Difference of countries or cities? 2. Value proposition of the company • Product CA • What customer service the company provide? • Company report: Should we focus on B2C? or it requires B2B first? 3. SWOT analysis of various channels • Online channel • Offline channel • Essential Oil requirement to enter Europe 4. Competitive advantages and analysis of competitors’ sales strategies • What they offer? • Benchmark of market. 5. Typical customer profiling/ Connect to channels. 6. Interviews

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