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In your readings on Ethics in Research this week, Doody and Noonan (2016) descri

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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In your readings on Ethics in Research this week, Doody and Noonan (2016) describe many of the rules of conduct to guide nurses in conducting ethically sound research. While you are not conducting a research study as part of this course, it is still important that you are cognizant of whether or not ethical principles were upheld in the studies that you review for evidence. ***For your peer response, pull one of the articles posted by your peer. Review the article and consider the ethical soundness of the research. Keep in mind that the answers may not be explicitly written in the articles. You may have to apply what you have read and decipher the soundness. For example, when considering harm to human subjects, this will not be described. But you might consider the procedures the authors described in the data collection and use your own judgment as to whether or not there was a potential cause for concern. Most, if not all, details to consider for ethics should be covered in one of the following sections: Methods, Design, Data Collection. Respond to ONE peer using the following criteria (this is described in detail in your readings): When considering which peers to respond to, please choose a peer that may not have already received responses. Be mindful to review the articles that your peer has already presented. 1.Ethical aspects of data collection. 2.Ethical aspects of sampling. 3.Ethical aspects of informed consent. 4.How were the ethical principles of beneficence/non-maleficence, respect for human dignity, and justice upheld?

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