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Students will select a social problem or social issue (i.e., Traumatic Brain Inj

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments


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Students will select a social problem or social issue (i.e., Traumatic Brain Injury, domestic violence, gender identity, women in combat, Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD, homelessness) and create a power point presentation that is at least 12 slides long and adequately addresses the following: PROBLEM: What is the existing problem that active duty or veterans face either in their military or civilian life? Provide history of issue, prevalence, etc. (7pts) CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Issues such as stigma related to seeking help, access and effectiveness of services, gender relations, impact of isolation, frequent moves, deployments, combat exposure, employment, substance abuse, etc. Make certain to evaluate whether there are certain cultural practices, values and beliefs that are contributing factors. (7 pts) RESOURCES IN THE COMMUNITY AND GAPS IN SERVICES: Identify DoD, VA and community resources to assist individuals facing these issues and the possible gaps in services that may exist to perpetuate these issues. (7pts) CURRENT POLICY IN THE VA/DOD: What are the current policies in place either in the VA or DoD to address these issues? (7 pts) 2 PROPOSED INTERVENTIONS: Please describe two original proposed interventions – one at the individual level of intervention and one at the policy level of intervention that would be novel approaches to addressing the original problem. This is your opportunity to be creative and innovative to assist in program development to address the numerous issues faced by our military members and veterans. This really is the heart of your presentation. (14 pts) Please note, you will only be creating the PowerPoint presentation. You will not actually be presenting it, so please have the slides have sufficient detail to tell the story.

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