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This assignment is due no later than 06/20/2022 @ 11:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

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This assignment is due no later than 06/20/2022 @ 11:59 AM Eastern Standard Time and a minimum of 1400 words. I am only allowed so many attachments prior to assignment being accepted. So, once the project is accepted I will send more attachments to complete the assignment if needed. I want the Assignment to be based off of San Diego County California or a City within San Diego County California if they require you to write on a specific location or current government……………… PAD 632 Week 4 Signature Assignment This is the signature assignment for this course. Signature assignments are tasks assigned in specific courses that are designed to directly measure mastery of program learning outcomes. Using the concepts presented in the “How To” Grants Manual Text Book, the student will be required to complete a fictitious request for funds from the Lanoitan Foundation. Use the Grant Proposal Format from the text. Grant Specifics: Grants are awarded for projects ranging from $10,000 to $200,000 Grants are for supplies and equipment only All personnel costs must be fully absorbed by the jurisdiction or by volunteers Projects must be fully completed within one calendar year Grant from Lanoitan must fully cover cost of project excluding personnel costs (Grant can not be funding towards completion of a bigger project) Project must provide a local community benefit Paper must include (at minimum) the following sections: APA Title Page Project Name Project Description Summary of Project Goal of Project Why the project is important / who will benefit from the project Description of Project activities: Activity 1: (describe who, what, how) Activity 2: (describe who, what, how) Activity 3 – x: (describe who, what, how) Proposed Outcome and Measurements Project Budget (Use Sample on page 190 of text) Grant Office Timeline (Use Sample on page 192 of text) Appendix (optional) References This assignment will be graded according to: Persuasiveness of the fictitious program’s ability to deliver services effectively and efficiency, according to the best practices discussed in the Bauer text. Use APA formatting for cover sheet, citations, and references.

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