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In the current prolonged health and economic crisis, it has become apparent that

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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In the current prolonged health and economic crisis, it has become apparent that some companies have done much better than others. Among several factors, one of major reasons or failures has been employee management and running of daily operations. One or the other, or both issues have resulted in supply chain shortages, workers leaving jobs, or demanding to work from home only, or demanding higher wages. Alongside of that, shortages are appearing in many products and services, lengthy delays of delivery of parts and products,and rising inflation has created the perfect storm. Review at least two companies and their current and future plans. Show what strategies are being taken to manage employees, business operations and continued distribution of their products to customers. Review the present global and domestic financial and economic situations, and create an assignment about what strategic lessons can be learned from the current issues and challenges, and plan a risk assessment strategy for the next 2-3 years. You can pick any industry you like, whether retail, healthcare, hospitality, airlines, distribution or logistics and distribution sectors. Remember though that many industries do intersect with each other, and you can show their relationships and dependencies on each other. Additionally, academic learning, examples and implications must be shown with good data backing your considerations. Your submission should apply several academic principles from the textbook, especially, the first 5 chapters. Review key concepts of stages of strategic management, SWOT, external assessment, internal assessment and strategies in action. The submission should be 1500 words (maximum), using APA guidelines, and must be written without ‘cut and paste’. In-text citations, show strong research and analysis, and proper formatting. Additionally, you must have the following: 1. Abstract 2.A well written conclusion The assignment will be checked for plagiarism, and you should use limited content from outside resources. Whatever content is used from outside, it must be cited appropriately. Remember that quality will be given more credit than quantity. So write carefully and do not copy and paste. Show original content. If the assignment is seen to have a lot of copied content, it will be returned to you for a rewrite. *** This is the citation for the textbook we use, not sure if you will be able to incorporate it. ** 2-3 sources is okay, David, F. (2019). Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases [RENTAL EDITION] (17th ed.). Pearson.

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