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Please see notes for revision in the comment area of the document attached. Plea

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Please see notes for revision in the comment area of the document attached. Please use the Harvard Business case study article for revisions. Questions pertaining to the case study: 1. Analyze (do not describe) the process Co-op used to implement Activity Based Costing (ABC). Talk about the process of gathering and processing the ABC information. For example, was it logical? Orderly? Transparent? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the process? (This question is not intended to address the ABC results, but the specific ways in which Co-op Bank implemented ABC.) 2. Should Co-op Bank phase out the unprofitable Independent Financial Advice/Insurance and Pathfinder products? Note that the decision to continue offering products identified as unprofitable or the decision to eliminate products is one of substance and requires thorough justification. Use the numbers provided in the case to support your response. 3. How should Co-op deal with the large number of unprofitable customers? When should unprofitable customers be retained and when should they be “demarketed?” How should David Falwell decide how to direct his limited marketing resources? Note, the question does not ask you to make the decision, since you do not have appropriate information. Rather, what criteria would you suggest Mr. Falwell use in making this decision? Helpful hint: Question 2 addresses products and their disposition. Question 3 addresses customers. Be specific in your responses. 4. What are the differences in how customer profitability is computed at RBC and Co-op Bank? What additional insights are likely to come from lifetime value computations for customers as opposed to annual customer profitability numbers? 5. Do you agree with RBC’s decision to withhold profitability, potential and segment information from front-line employees? Justify your position. 6. What should RBC do about customers who are unprofitable users of the retail branches and ABM machines for bill payments?

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