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I need the powerpoint attached completed. ***It is simply a summary of the infor

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Logistics | 0 comments


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I need the powerpoint attached completed. ***It is simply a summary of the information provided on my powerpoint***** a paragraph or two per slide as well as an intro and conclusion paragraph. so roughly 7-8 paragraphs, I have 4 pages selected and am willing to pay for 🙂 Fast turn around appreciation will be greatly appreciated and reflected in the tip. The class is Procurement, Purchasing Vendor. The Supply Chain Simulation is at this link ( but you do not need to purchase it if you know what is in the simulation. If you need to purchase the simulation then please include this in your bid or let me know and I will happily add it to your tip. The attached powerpoint is a simulation already conducted by my group, we just need a powerpoint analyzing the data. -Decisions will be related to the design and management of a global mobile phone product line. -This simulation will occur over a 4-year period within the simulation, allowing you time to refine your decisions. -During the simulation, each player will be making individual decisions while being a part of the group. Learning Objectives: The simulation teaches the following important supply chain management concepts: 1. How to create a cost-effective supply chain using a combination of more expensive short-lead time and less expensive, long-lead-time suppliers. 2. How to build flexibility into the supply chain to reduce stock-outs and excess inventory in the context of uncertain demand. 3. How to evaluate forecasting methods and interpret the dynamics of a forecasting team. 4. How to build a production plan based on a probabilistic demand forecast. 5. How to weigh the relative importance of results and process performance measures.

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