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Critical Application Paper- Family Stress and Coping in Film The critical applic

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Medicine and Health | 0 comments


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Critical Application Paper- Family Stress and Coping in Film The critical application paper in this class will be a movie or TV series review in which you will describe aspects of stress and coping depicted in a film/series using theory (as done in your short paper assignment) and research discussed in this course. This will be a movie/series of your choice—you do not have to receive my approval for your movie/series choice. After a brief description (1-page in length) of the film and its main characters you will be required to explain how the film/series illustrates general principles of stress and coping and/or perpetuates misconceptions regarding this topic. You will also need to choose a film or TV series that deals with one of the content areas (e.g. Families with Special Needs, LGBTQ parents, Immigration, Racism & Discrimination, Intimate Partner Violence, Physical Illness, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, etc.) discussed during the course and apply the relevant concepts from course materials. Make sure that your paper includes: 1) Summary of the film/series-description of story line, plot, main characters 2) A description of the stressor(s)-using specific characteristics of the stressor(s) discussed throughout the course 4) Application of the Double ABCX Model and other theoretical perspectives presented in the course 5) A discussion of each family member’s coping methods 6) Gender, race and ethnicity issues 7) Integration of themes, concepts, and research from your textbook and other learning activities (e.g., videos) to support the stressor(s), coping, and adaptation demonstrated in the film/series This paper assignment must be 7 to 8 pages double spaced (app. 2,100-2,400 words) not including an APA formatted title page. I’v attached some slides from the course that may be useful.

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