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I put 4 pages because it only 8 slides.. so not that much work. PLEASE read the

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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I put 4 pages because it only 8 slides.. so not that much work. PLEASE read the instructions and let me know that you full understand the assignment. I will post the link for the text book at the bottom. It says 3 sources, but the book has to be one. Here are the instructions: Instructions: Create a presentation discussing each of the listed topics below. Each section of your presentation must discuss all of the questions related to that topic (see below). You must include at least 1 developmental concept from the chapter of Emerging/Early Adulthood in the textbook to support your discussion. Presentation must be in APA format, be a minimum of 8 slides in length, utilize at least 2 academic references in addition to your textbook (total of 3), and include a title slide and a reference slide. Graphs, Images, and other Media are encouraged for this presentation. Topics: Career Choice. What are some issues that young adults should consider when choosing a major, apprenticeship, overall career success plan? Parent-Young Adult Relationships. What are some of the typical changes in the young adult-parent relationship? Do you know of different cultural expectations about the level of autonomy that should be achieved during this time? How are changes in the young adult-parent relationship linked to going away to college or living at home while attending college? How might parents and young adult children solve these potential conflicts? College and Young Adulthood. Describe some college experiences that might challenge a students’ moral beliefs, judgments, or former outlook. Describe some college experiences that may broaden a student’s outlook on life. Cohabitation Issues. What are some issues that young adults should be aware of and discuss prior to engaging in a cohabitating relationship? What are some social, emotional, and financial consequences of cohabitating together before marriage? Marriage. Discuss whether or not married people are happier than single people. Discuss the contributing factors to satisfaction with singleness or being married. Keep in mind that while this presentation will largely rely on your own thoughts on the above subjects, you should always focus on what your research has to say about the topics. A little bit of your opinion is fine for this assignment; if all of the assignment is based on your opinion, points will be deducted. Remember, this is a presentation and not a research paper that you are creating. Two of the options for creating that presentation were Prezi and PowerPoint, which will work for this project. You could also use SlideBomb, Zoho, or Google Slides which are all free online presentation software like Prezi. Feel free to use other presentation tools. This presentation is worth 25 points. *Text book: *Title of the book: LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT A Psychological Perspective Second Edition By Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French *The book can esily be found online for free if the link doesnt work.

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