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Assignment Instructions Part 1 Create a 6 – 8 slide MS PowerPoint® slide deck fo

by | Jul 28, 2022 | IT Management | 0 comments


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Assignment Instructions Part 1 Create a 6 – 8 slide MS PowerPoint® slide deck for a presentation that you will give to students just beginning their training in cybersecurity. Your slides will need to provide enough information to these new students in order to fully explain. Include the following points: The importance of confidentiality and integrity in professional IT security practice How security measures in relation to system availability The relationship between poor security implementation and policy to decreased levels of integrity and confidentiality The aim of the presentation is to strongly increase the awareness and knowledge of these foundational concepts (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) as well as to explain why they are important and how they can best be achieved. The slides will not contain all the information you wish to talk about; only include highlights and main points (follow the 6×6 rule for creating effective presentations). Great slides will each contain some sort of graphical element (image, chart, or diagram) to hold the attention of your audience. Part 2 Prepare a script of all the things you want to say for each slide of your presentation; as a rough rule of thumb allow one minute of talking points for each slide. From your script (after you have practiced it), create a recording directly within Power Point (Narration – Use the “Record Slide Show” Button) of the script using the tools found in Slide Show tab of MS PowerPoint. Use the “Embedded” technique so that your narration will be part of your final slide presentation. Note – Your audience can read the information on each slide. Avoid reading from the slides; instead, use your script to augment and explain the main points on each slide. Test to make sure that when the slide show is running, there is narration for every slide (except the final references slide) If you do not already know how to do this, take 10 min and read this tutorial.

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