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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you’ve learned about fai

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you’ve learned about fairness by: (1) assessing the extent to which an organization is effectively managing fairness and (2) identifying specific ways to more effectively manage fairness.
When employees feel that they are not being treated fairly, they may be motivated to engage in actions that are detrimental to the organization, including leaving their jobs, reducing their efforts, and engaging in counterproductive work behaviors (e.g., sabotage, theft). Thus, it is important for organizations to make every effort possible to enact fair policies and procedures within the organization.
For this assignment, assess the extent to which the organization Amazon is effectively managing justice and fairness in the organization using the list of practical recommendations p. 92 in Colquitt & Zipay (2015). Comment on at least two of the recommendations in each of the three categories (six recommendations total). In your comments on each of these six recommendations, please address the following:
1. What the literature recommends for promoting fairness in this area
a. References on the bottom of p. 91 may help with identifying recommendations
b. For many of the recommendations, general principles (e.g., considering distributional, procedural, and interpersonal justice) will be very useful
2. How your focal organization’s practices align with these recommendations (use specific examples)
3. What, if anything, your focal organization could do to increase alignment with recommendations
Finally, in a summary statement, identify the one or two areas of growth you think are most important for the organization’s management of fairness. Briefly explain why you think these should be the focal areas of growth in managing fairness.
Please format your response in an APA style paper, with APA in-text citation and references. Be sure to substantiate your recommendations with citations from the literature. Please include an introductory paragraph, at least two paragraphs for each of the six recommendations you choose to focus on, and at least one paragraph for your summary statement. Your response should be 3-5 double-spaced pages, not including references.
Due Date
Submit this assignment as a 3-5 page (double-spaced) Word document.

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