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Session 2 Perceptions and Culture Presentations (should be 6 minutes) After read

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Session 2 Perceptions and Culture Presentations (should be 6 minutes)
After reading Chapter 4 and watching the TED talks video by Julien S. Bourrelle from the Viewing assignments, create a presentation of your learning about Web-based social cognitions, and the importance of our social perceptions when we perceive others of different cultures. For the first part of your presentation, answer the following initial questions:
• What is web-based social cognition?
• Explain how culture relates to our perceptions of others and ourselves.
• Discuss whether or not these perceptions vary across cultures.
For the second portion of your presentation, you will need to do some additional research. Select one culture that you are not familiar with. Do some research to learn about some of the cultural norms of that particular culture. Specifically research cultural differences between American culture and that selected culture. After doing this research, please complete the following:
• Compare and contrast some key differences between American culture and your selected culture.
• What are some things that surprised you?
• Has this research changed your perception or previous impression about this particular culture?
You presentation should be completed using PowerPoint and should last 6-8 minutes with a voiceover. Please use APA formatting (include a title slide and reference slide).
Record your presentation with voice narration and a webcam overlay using screencasting software of your choice— Screencast-o-matic is a good, free option. Tips for how to screencast a presentation with voiceover using the Screencast-o-matic software are available in the Technology Quick Guides located on the course Dashboard towards the bottom of the page (see the Screencast-o-matic Quick Guide). Plan and practice your presentation before recording.
Once your recording is complete, upload the recording into YouTube as directed in the Quick Guide, and copy the YouTube link (URL) to use for your assignment submission. Paste the video link into the assignment textbox found on Blackboard. You are not required to attach any files to your submission.
Click on the Session 2 Perceptions and Culture Presentation link and submit the link of your assignment in the assignment textbox by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.
Also, the Abstract page
Also, reference 4 references . Include school book Sabates, A.M. (2012). Social Psychology in Christian Perspective: Exploring the human condition. InterVarsity Press. Also, the Introduction slide states as follow: SOCIAL COGNITION
According to Sabates (2012), social cognition refers to both the processes of perceiving others and the cognitive strategies we use for understanding our broader social world.

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