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by | Jul 29, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments


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WHAT IS MY TOPIC AND HOW DO I GO ABOUT RESEARCHING IT? You will choose a population of your choice to write about their history, viewpoints and practices of dental hygiene. For example, if you choose Colombia and want to write about dental hygiene, your topic and report title might be: The History, Viewpoints, and Practices of Dental Hygiene for the Colombian Population. You can also write about healthcare/dental care among LGBTQ community, the disabled community, people experiencing homelessness, etc. Choose a population that interests you to learn more about. You could cover a range of issues in your chosen population, or you could focus on just one major dental issue for this population. For example, you might want to write about the overall need for all kinds of dental care in the Philippines. WHAT IS THE PROJECT’S DEPTH OF DISCUSSION? You will go greatly in-depth when reporting your findings via your written essay. You have done research and have much to share about what you have learned about your chosen population with regard to their history, viewpoints and practices of dental hygiene or medical care. You will be expected to address the following, sticking to this format, while constructing your essay: Outline Paragraph 1: Introduction ? Identify and give a brief overview of your chosen population, including geographic location or brief general history. ? Offer a statement showing the necessity of this population to receive dental care. Paragraph 2: History / Identification of Rationalization ? A historical synopsis of the population’s socio-economic status, access (or lack of access) to dental care, and accessibility and lifestyle with regard to general oral hygiene. Example 1: Population lives in an impoverished setting and is a poorly educated, under-employed group with neither access to nor regard for westernized dental care or medical care. ? Recognize the reasons, both structural and individual, for the lack of oral hygiene or inaccessibility of medical care within your population. Example 1: Hygienists and dentists are few and far between in the village, sterilization of tools is impossible due to lack of clean water in the village, a religious belief regards teeth cleaning as a in, etc. Example 2: Well-trained and educated doctors and nurses are not common in rural areas for this population, proper routine check-ups or prescription medicine is very hard to come by without traveling a far distance, lack of access to viable, consistent transportation to visit doctors or hospitals, etc. Paragraph 3: Explain and Discuss the Dental/Health Issues ? This might be a broad overview of some common dental troubles, or more specific into an issue within the population you’ve chosen. ? Example 1: In the Philippines, dental care for youth and adults is difficult to come by, and sugary foods and snacks are everywhere. This leads to a multitude of dental issues for children and increases as they go into adulthood without proper care, such as… ? Example 2: According to the research, LGBTQ adults face an increased risk of substance abuse, due to these factors… Paragraph 4: Problem Solving ? How would you, using what you know about a patient’s culture, values, and health history of their population, convince a patient from your population to submit to professional dental care and maintain proper oral hygiene? Or, how would you convince a patient from your assigned population to accept pharmaceutical prescriptions or consent to a procedure that they may be wary about? Example 1: Emphasize the risk of pain that will come if teeth and gums aren’t cared for, explain that oral hygiene and regular dental care is a social norm in America. Example 2: Explain the safety and benefits of necessary medicinal treatments, or the importance of seeing their doctor for regular check-ups. Paragraph 5 Conclusion ? Restate the necessity of this population receiving dental care/ medical care. ? Look to the future. Based on what you’ve researched and learned, what solutions would you advocate to be put in place, both structurally and individually, that could help this population? Laws, policy, educational programs, trainings, more research?

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