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Read the assigned article, “Yes, It Is Possible to Have Too Much Stimulus” Download “Yes, It Is Possible to Have Too Much Stimulus” , and based on your reading and your knowledge gained from this course, provide the following in the sequence indicated:
1. Clearly state the issue and briefly describe the most important factors to be examined in this decision. Explain why you are focused on these particular factors – why do you think they are the most important things to consider?
2. Present your evidence supporting both sides of the issue and provide the citations necessary so that your reader can return to your source material to verify your findings. Do not ‘cut and paste’ – present these arguments in your own words. Clearly identify any positive evidence you find and distinguish that from any normative evidence.
3. Identify the assumptions made in the arguments made on both sides of the issue – for example, why might someone argue that stimulus money is not effective and has negative effects? Do you identify any biases in your evidence?
4.Given all the above, what is your position on ? Do not limit yourself to saying, ‘I support/don’t support this policy proposal.’ Rather, explain and defend your position, adding any caveats or other considerations to your answer. This is also a chance to be creative – do you have a proposal of your own that addresses some or all of the concerns of both sides?
5. Assuming you were asked about this proposal by a friend, how would you respond? Limit this response to about 4-5 short statements.

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