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Page of 2 ZOOM AMA STYLE AMA STYLE AMA AMA AMA THANK YOU. PLEASE DONT PLAGIARIZE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE MORE THAN 10 MORE PAPERS ILL HAVE TO DO. AND ILL LIKE TO CONTINUE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW The paper assignments in this course focus on diseases that highlight normal physiologic processes, mechanisms of alterations to these processes that result in the diseases and the therapeutic manipulations of molecular players in an attempt to restore homeostasis. In addition to exploring these processes, the assignments are also aimed at helping students enhance their scientific inquiry skills including current literature review and scientific communication. Theses afford students an opportunity to complete a research journal-type of work that is relevant to a career in the field of biomedicine and healthcare. INSTRUCTIONS Paper Topic: Your instructor will assign you a disease topic for your papers. Your references MUST include at least 5 recent primary research articles, 3 of which are from journals published by the American Physiological Society (APS). There are 7 American Journal of Physiology (AJP) journals to choose from: Cell Physiology; Endocrinology & Metabolism; Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology; Heart & Circulatory Physiology; Lung, Cellular & Molecular Physiology; Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative Physiology; and Renal Physiology. In addition, there are a few other journals published by the APS that include primary research that can be found on their website. Writing the papers: Research Paper: Disease Physiology/Pathophysiology Start the body of the paper on a new page after the title page. A minimum of 10 references in AMA format are required, and the paper should be 5 pages long. You are required to review the pathophysiology of the disease using these headings; – Introduction – Epidemiology – Etiology – Types/ Classification – Normal Physiology and Homeostasis – Pathophysiology and Molecular Basis of the Disease – Signs/ Symptoms – Laboratory Features – Differential Diagnosis – Complications and Prognosis Research Paper: Disease Pharmacology Start the body of the paper on a new page after the title page. You should review current research on at least five (5) pharmacological management options for the disease (from Research Paper: Disease MSCI 520 Page 2 of 2 Physiology/Pathophysiology), including drugs in clinical trials. Your review should include these components: 1) The physiologic rationale for using the drugs in treating your assigned disease. 2) The mechanisms of action of these drugs. 3) The side effects of these drugs and their contraindications. 4) The dosages and routes of administration of the drugs. This section must include a minimum of 5 unique references that are recent and are cited in AMA format, and the paper should be 3 pages long. Figures Figures are allowed in any section, but do not count towards page count. These can be your original figures/drawings or (if properly cited) from one of your sources. Place all figures at the end of the paper. Formatting the paper: 1) Student’s name must not appear anywhere on title page, paper, file name, or comments. 2) The title page for each paper should include the title of the entire project; course name, number, and section number; professor’s name; and date. Title page does not count toward the page count. 3) Paper must be double-spaced, including between paragraphs. New paragraphs should be started with a single tab. 4) Paper must have 1” margins on all sides. 5) Font must be 12 pt., Arial font (regular). 6) Minimum lengths refer to full pages; a full page is 23 lines of text. Do not use section headings for “filler” as these will not count towards page count. Short or long papers will be penalized based on the amount written/missing. 7) Direct quotations are not appropriate for this project; you are to write a paper, not copy and paste from other papers. 8) All references must be professional peer-reviewed articles. 9) Your in-text citations and references need to be in current AMA format. Failure to follow any of these formatting instructions will result in loss of points. (See rubrics.) Each section will be graded on clarity and demonstration of mastery of topic. The information must be accurate, and the writing must indicate thorough graduate-level work. The writing level and style should be the same as the peer-reviewed professional articles you use for your sources. Please review the Academic Honor Code to ensure you are following it when writing the paper. Penalties for Academic Dishonesty can include failure of the assignment or the entire course.

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