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Answer all questions using complete sentences. You will not receive credit if yo

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Answer all questions using complete sentences. You will not receive credit if you simply write “Yes/No.” 1. After reading the entire proposal, does the writer clearly define the purpose of his or her essay? 2. As a reader, what is your immediate reaction to the topic? Explain. 3. Which ideas would you like to see developed in the essay? 4. Is the thesis clearly stated? 5. What kinds of details/support will be used to develop the topic? 6. List three memorable details from the “ideas” section. 7. Does the topic seem broad enough to fill the length requirement and narrow enough to be concise? 8. Does the writer seem confident in terms of the strength of his or her topic and thesis? 9. What is the strongest part of the proposal? 10. What is the weakest part of the proposal? Question: 1. Working Title: High Schools Should Incorporate Life Skills 2. Statement of the General Topic/Argument: The problem with classes currently taught in high school is how little some information is used later in life. After graduating and finding a career, many of the lessons and assignments are not involved in people’s jobs, yet there are several skills which are not conditioned into adults at a younger age. Creating or re-adding classes that teach life skills can help generations of high schools to prepare for the real world after graduating. Working Thesis Statement: Starting families, buying homes, and financial literacy are necessary parts of human’s lives that not everyone knows how to handle. Subject taught in high school prepare students for college or finding lifelong careers, but do not teach young adults how to prepare for their future. 3. Ideas you propose to write about in detail: I propose to write about how woodworking and culinary classes are helpful classes that can aid people with living their lives through repairing broken items and making meals for families. Many people after graduating high school move to their college campus and need to take care of themselves immediately after living 18 years being taken care of by their parents. Learning how to save money and cook food in high school can develop skills used for years after.

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