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Critically discuss surgical principles and interventions for a non-routine case.

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Critically discuss surgical principles and interventions for a non-routine case. For this assessment, you will compose one(1) essay critically discussing the relevance and relationship of Halsted’s principles of surgery and nursing interventions you would implement to improve patient outcomes for one (1) non-routine case as detailed in Appendix A. The word guide for 1500-2000 words. APA referencing is required. Choose either: Case 1- Soft tissue reconstructive surgery- Skin flap for removal of a mast cell tumour in a geriatric patient. -OR- Case 2- Orthopaedic- Fracture fixation of the radius and ulna in a patient with Von Willebrand’s disease The essay should include an introduction that summarises the underlying condition, relevant patient signalment and surgical procedure. In the body of your essay, you should identify nursing interventions that will anticipate and manage patient needs in the intra-operative period. Be sure to focus on how you, as the surgical veterinary nurse would: Maintain strict asepsis during patient preparation and surgery Maintain haemostasis Implement tissue care, minimising tissue trauma (may include equipment selected and monitoring at the surgical site) Minimise surgery time For each nursing intervention you should then critically discuss the reasoning for your interventions based on how these relate to Halsted’s principles of surgery including assisting with eliminating dead space, removal of material and correct use of instruments and materials. Your critical discussion must link back to patient condition, any signalment influencers, surgical procedure, and how your interventions will improve case outcomes. A critical discussion involves exploring and understanding the reasons behind actions, and supporting or contrasting these actions, while offering reasons for doing so. It is about offering subjective opinions that rely on objective observations; and developing reasoned and logical arguments, which are founded on facts. Your conclusion should provide a concise summary regarding the value of Halsted’s principles of surgery in the implementation of surgical nursing interventions and animal welfare. TO THE WRITER – I can provide resources explaining Halsteds principles in relation to vet nursing as well as the procedures and the marking rubric. I would recommend the first scenario as it is a simpler procedure and the patient has no medical underlying issues other than being old. I can provide understanding around the patient condition, any signalment influencers, surgical procedure.

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