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Length – The length for each essay will vary. (Some essays may be a single-space

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Length – The length for each essay will vary. (Some essays may be a single-spaced page, others three.) Students should focus more on fulfilling the specified requirements than hitting a certain word count.

Format – MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian are all acceptable, so long as they are used consistently and sources are properly acknowledged. Single-spaced submissions are preferred.

Use of Course Material – You will be assessed on your ability to incorporate the assigned readings from the course. DeYoung, Aquinas, and C. S. Lewis will be particularly helpful when discussing the vices themselves. Do not, however, neglect the readings on happiness, ethical theory, and moral responsibility, from earlier in the semester. When incorporating course material, be sure to explain the significance of the cited passages instead of relying on passages from the readings to carry the explanatory workload for you.

Do not use any materials other than those assigned for this course.

Be sure to cite both direct quotations and indirect references to ideas, concepts, and definitions.

Audience – Craft your essay as though you are writing to someone who has not taken this course and is not familiar with the Capital Vice Tradition. Imagine that your goal is to teach them about the vice. Define your terms, patiently introduce new concepts, introduce concepts in an order that allows them to naturally build upon one another, and explain the relationships between ideas. The best way to demonstrate that you understand this material is to show that you are capable of teaching it to someone else.

Your Professor is your Ally – I’m more than happy to help you with specific questions you have about your essay, to discuss ideas for your insights, or – if given enough time – to review publishs of your essay. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.



An extended and detailed explanation of one of the seven Capital Vices which:

– offers a comprehensive definition of the vice and any of its species or various manifestations (if applicable)
– contrasts the vice with any related concepts, similar vices, common views or misconceptions
– identifies the good that the vice inordinately pursues or tries to protect
– explains that good’s role in human flourishing and how it ought to be pursued properly (any relevant virtues that we covered as a class should be discussed as well)
– makes appropriate use of the assigned readings from the course

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