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M4 Exam Pass Rate Blog . Imagine you are the program director of the University

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Education | 0 comments


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M4 Exam Pass Rate Blog
Imagine you are the program director of the University of Health’s clinical laboratory science program. You received the certification exam pass rates for your past year’s graduating class of 40 students from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Students are tested in seven different major areas in the field on the exam, and the results are:
• Five of your students’ scores significantly exceeded the mean score on the chemistry questions compared to the rest of the test takers in the nation.
• The mean and median score for all test takers that year in clinical chemistry is 85%. Your program mean for clinical chemistry is 70%. Your program’s median score is 60% in clinical chemistry.
• The national pass rate of the exam was 80%. Your program’s overall pass rate was 71%.

Given this report, create a program improvement plan to address your program’s exam pass rates. Include the following pieces of information in your improvement plan:
1. Based on the report, what confounding variables might be impacting program certification exam performance?
2. What steps will you take as a program director to improve these scores? What are your two or three highest priorities?
3. How would you analyze data to ensure your changes were successful in subsequent years? What additional data (if any) would be helpful to have as you continue to work toward your goal to improve pass rates?
Your blog post should be 700-750 words. You must make your post before you can see the posts of your classmates. Be sure to use at least 2 references.
2. Conduct strategic evaluation of an academic program.
3. Apply programmatic accreditation requirements.
Learning Objectives:
1. Analyze student outcome data.
2. Use student outcome data to make programmatic recommendations

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