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Please rewrite my personal statement for med school. I attached my original, max

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Medicine | 0 comments


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Please rewrite my personal statement for med school. I attached my original, max is 5300 characters. My experiences in chronological order:
1. Convey emotion I experienced with my mother’s coronary artery dissection (scared, worried) in the opening- this is when my interest in medicine began, Christmas Eve of second grade.
2. In high school I finally understood that her dissection was a result of a nicked artery during a cath 3 days before, giving me solace that there was nothing we could do to prevent this. I want to help others come to this reassurance, educate patients about their condition, and provide answers to their questions.
3. I struggled with ADHD my 1st year of college, I hadn’t had to study up until that point and had great difficulty, I would cry out of frustration, I wanted to study just couldn’t focus. I was initially brushed off by a PA who told me to “focus more”, I finally got testing and meds when I met with my actual PCP. I was very grateful for this and finally felt listened to- this added further drive for my persuit of medicine. Briefly mention to explain my grades during 1st year of college.
4. I was a successful student athlete, first and only swimmer NCAA All-american at SVSU, and female student athlete of the year. Utilized teamwork, perserverence/high goal setting, leadership, etc. Qualities that good physicians display. This section should be shorter, swimming added to personal growth but my clinical work has more impact. My high goal setting and level of achievement shows I am very driven and resilient- I can bounce back from a bad race and set a personal best on the next one, it’s all about mindset.
5. I worked in the ER for two years as a scribe using the Epic EMR. Excitement is something I love about EM and I want to be an ER doctor. I became familiar with ATLS/ACLS protocol by witnessing several trauma/cardiac arrest cases. My most notable case was when a ~60 y/o man came in for chest pain, we sat him in a room and 5 minutes later, a nurse rushed in to tell us that he fell to the floor, the monitor showed PEA. I took his crying wife to the quiet room down the hall. We brought in a lot of equipment and there were ~15 people in and out including two doctors, several nurses, nurse managers, and a house supervisor. ACLS was performed for over an hour, finally one of the physicians decided to perform double sequential external defibrillation and brought him back. Luckily, CPR and bagging were initiated in time, he suffered no cognitive impairment and was sent to the ICU where he made a full recovery. Him and his wife would later bring the ER gift bags and wrote a thoughtful thank you note for saving his life. Along with this impactful experience I gained extensive experience writing full notes including a comprehensive HPI, ROS, physical exam, and ED course including a chronological description of meds given, lab results, imaging studies, EKG interpretation, consults, discussions with patients, and disposition. I gained experience on medical documentation, pertinent questions to ask patients, which things to examine based on chief complaint, interpreting lab results in relation to one another in the setting of the patient’s disease, which medications should be given, and how to use potential side effects to our advantage. I worked with Dr. Franklin most frequently who explained how to read a chest XR using the ABCDE method, he walked me through all the images we would obtain and asked me questions on how I would read these images or if I was able to identify any abnormalities. He additionally showed me how to interpret EKG’s. He always answered my questions and quizzed me on the patietns, asking what I would order. He exemplified patience when explaining to patients their condition, making sure to answer any inquiries they may have. Dr. Franklin was excellant about providing reassurance when necessary, but was very clear and direct when delivering bad news. These are traits I want to carry as a physician.
5. I have been working as a scribe with Dr. Tanir, an internal medicine physician for the past year, using PracticeFusion. She often asks me questions on the USMLE. I keep a notebook of these questions and do extensive research on the topics to learn how these conditions/processes play a role in the overall system of the human body. She taught me when/how to use certain medications and how they interact with one another, when to order more in-depth labs and their significance, when and why we order certain tests, giving referrals that may not be obvious (ex. GI referral for a chronic cough- needs EGD and PPi). She teaches me the intricicies of the human body as a whole. She cares greatly for her patients and does everything she can to help them, fully explains what is going on with use of labs/test results and is happy to answer any questions. Dr. Tanir and Dr. Franklin are examples of the physician I aspire to be.
Feel free to ask questions if you need any further detail!

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