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Using the topic from the other 2 assignments ** Directions: For this assignment

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Homeland security | 0 comments


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Using the topic from the other 2 assignments ** Directions: For this assignment do the following: Provide an introduction that includes an explanation of how the topic is important to public safety, how your proposed research provides a new insight into the subject and briefly describe two policy implications that could result from your research if it were done. Provide a paragraph that clearly states your specific research question that will be scientifically answered by the research process you will describe. Briefly explain the background knowledge of the topic as described in your literature reviews. The above items can be copied from Assignments #1 and #2 as long as the information flows clearly and concisely. Section headings for each bullet point throughout the paper are strongly recommended. Discuss the type, amount and source of all of the data needed to reach a conclusion about your topic and question. Discuss what research method(s) you would use to collect data to conduct research on your topic. Discuss the sampling technique(s) you would use to obtain your data. Discuss your plan in depth. Detail the barriers or limitations to your research plan Discuss the method(s) you would use to analyze the data that you would collect. This should detail how and why each method of analysis is scientifically valid. Provide a conclusion that explains how the research you designed will answer your proposed question and why the answers would be valid in a peer review process. You will not fabricate data or actually do the data collection. Format Requirements: Use clear paragraphs in flowing prose. Proposed charts, tables or bullet points can be embedded to add clarity to your data or process. APA format must be used (this includes a cover page and a reference page). There is no maximum or minimum page requirement. Each bullet topic above must be addressed in separate paragraphs with paragraph headings.

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