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please follow directions or i will get a zero. This project provides you with t

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please follow directions or i will get a zero.
This project provides you with the opportunity to examine a sociological theory and apply this theory to an analysis of a sociological issue. You will formulate an appropriate sociological research question, analyze existing literature, and present your findings.
1. This is a scholarly paper of six to eight pages, or 2000-3000 words of writing (the title page and reference pages are not counted).
2. You will use APA format for writing the paper and referencing your resources. Improper referencing may be construed as plagiarism.
3. The title page should include your name, student ID number, instructor’s name, course name, and course number. The title page is not to be numbered or counted as a page of the assignment.
4. Reference a minimum of five of the following: textbooks, current journal articles, or reputable websites. Textbooks and articles must have been written within the last five years.
5. Writing the paper:
a. Introduce the paper by providing a brief definition and description of the sociological theory (e.g., functionalism, conflict theory, etc.) and the sociological issue you have chosen. Develop a thesis statement and provide a brief overview of the points you will discuss.
b. Describe the theoretical sociological perspective. Explain how the world is viewed from this theoretical perspective. You will need to use scholarly literature to support your analysis.
c. Explain the sociological issue you are discussing from the point of view of your chosen sociological theory. Write a summary of the sociological research you were able to discover on this topic.
d. Provide a summary and a conclusion.
6. Submit your paper online through Moodle.
You are free to choose any topic. Possible topics to consider include the following:
Youth crime

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