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PowerPoint Assignment DUE DATE: August 21, 2022 @ 11:59 pm Critical Assignment O

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Healthcare | 0 comments


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PowerPoint Assignment DUE DATE: August 21, 2022 @ 11:59 pm Critical Assignment Overview: This assignment is due day 4 (Thursday) of Week 8. Late submissions will not be accepted. The critical assignment in this course is a professional presentation (not a paper) on a contemporary health issue. You will choose a contemporary health issue, then research, present and support your findings. Think about how you would give a presentation in front of a classroom. What visual components would you prepare? Be creative in your presentation. Some examples: you may create a recorded Power Point, create a Prezi presentation, use an online software (Screencast-o-matic and Voice Thread are both great with FREE account options). Your presentation must have some form of audio and visual components throughout. Video tutorial on how to use Voice Thread: The guidelines and rubric are in the Learning Activities for Week 8 – I have copied the details below. Note: There is a MINIMUM of five academic/scholarly sources (beyond your textbook) required for this assignment. However, well supported presentations should go well beyond. Academic sources come from academic journals, .govs, .edu’s, etc. Popular websites (news websites,, etc.) are not academic sources, though they can be used for additional information. Critical Assignment Criteria: Your critical assignment presentation, at minimum, should include the following: 1. An examination, analysis, and summary of the chosen contemporary health issue. 2. An examination, analysis, and summary of any related current events, important changes, and/or controversies that make discussion of the issue timely. 3. Identification and discussion regarding relevant risk factors, and potential prevention techniques (if applicable). 4. Discussion regarding the specific components of health/wellness affected, along with possible interrelatedness among others. 5. An examination, analysis, and summary of how individual and/or public health is affected by the chosen issue. 6. An analysis of relevant resources/straetgeies utilized and/or needed for desired changes to occur. 7. Conclusion and potential alternatives (if applicable) that should be considered. Your presentation should be academically sound and professional, strongly supported with a minimum of five credible/academic research sources beyond your textbook, clear, objective, engaging, and contain both audio narrations throughout and relevant visual images throughout. This presentation should reflect the highest quality work and effort you turn in this session. While there is no minimum or maximum length required, most comprehensive attempts come in about 25-35 minutes in length. You must integrate information learned throughout the course to fully address all aspects and requirements of the critical assignment. Therefore, it is highly encouraged for you to include materials you have already created in the Supportive Submissions, and any relevant Homework as appropriate. Make sure to incorporate any feedback I have given previously. Refer to the rubric scoring criteria for a detailed list of your presentation expectations. All submissions should reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, presentation style/format, including current APA citations and references when appropriate. *Note- Keynote is not an acceptable file format for this presentation. Presentations must be accessible without login/permissions. Demonstrates exceptional understanding of a major contemporary health issue, relevant risk factors and prevention techniques, dimensions of health affected, and possible interrelatedness among others. Utilizes appropriate, relevant, and compelling content that demonstrates mastery of the subject throughout. Student critically examines, analyzes, and explains important changes and/or controversies surrounding the selected contemporary health issue, and the potential impact on health and wellness. Provides a detailed and well-developed explanation, which includes specific applications/relationships to the field of public health, an analysis of relevant strategies currently being utilized to address the issue, and an explanation of potential alternatives that should be considered. Student strongly supports the topic with a minimum of five credible/academic research sources beyond the textbook. Presentation is academically sound and professional. Presentation is a clear, objective, and engaging. There are audio narrations and visual components throughout the presentation. The presentation stimulates critical thinking and requires engagement by the participant. There are no typos or grammatical errors. Demonstrates mastery in the skills of accurately communicating relevant information related to performance, health, and wellness to demographically varied populations.

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