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Proposal Argument Essay Write a proposal argument essay. Read Chapter 13, pages

by | Aug 3, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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Proposal Argument Essay Write a proposal argument essay. Read Chapter 13, pages 176-188, in Good Reasons. Pay particular attention to pages 180-181 in Good Reasons and follow the directions for the essay. Essay Writing Assignment: Do the reading first! Write a five- page, double-spaced, proposal argument essay on the topic of your choice. Make a claim about a change or course of action you’d like to see. • Identify the problem. Propose a solution. Consider other potential solutions. publish your essay. Revise, edit, and proofread. Submit your final essay. The essay should have an intro, body, and a conclusion. Pay careful attention to pages 180-181 as you publish your essay. Intro – Describe the problem. It can be a problem you experienced. Establish the importance of the problem. Provide some background. State your thesis. Body – Address the strategies and tactics used in the text to develop your essay. Follow Step 5 in Good Reasons. Consider the following as you write: • Present your solution. Establish the solution first. Why is your solution best? • Make sure the goals of your solution are clear. It’s OK if it doesn’t completely solve the problem. • Talk about how to implement the solution. Describe how applying your solution will solve the problem. • Explain the positive outcomes based on your solution. Conclusion – End with a solid conclusion. Make it a call to action. Restate the keys to solving the problem as stated in your essay. This assignment will be completed as a process: Step One: Essay Proposal This proposal includes each of the following parts: 1. Working Title: Present your working title. 2. Statement of the General Topic/Argument: What is the problem? What is the proposed solution? Keep it brief. Working Thesis Statement: What is the claim? Write out your thesis. Capture the focus of your essay in one-two sentences here. 3. Ideas you propose to write about in detail: Support, ideas, examples, appeals to the audience, relevance of your topic (write in paragraph form). Make sure you answer each part of the proposal. Proposals are due Wednesday, July 27, by midnight. The entire proposal should be about one page in length. Step Two: Proposal Essay Peer Reviews Two peer reviews are due Friday, July 29, by midnight. Final publishs will be due by midnight on Friday, August 5. I will explain the final essay submission process next week. An excellent essay should contain the following: 1. Clear, concise thesis or focus. The whole paper should be tightly focused. 2. Strong development and support. 3. Excellent organization. (Can the reader follow the individual paragraphs? Is the paper well organized with good transitions from line to line and paragraph to paragraph?) 4. Fluid style and appropriate tone. (Are there a variety of sentence patterns? Is the diction college-level and effective? Is the tone of the piece suitable for the subject matter?) 5. Proper grammar and mechanics. (Are there spelling mistakes? Are there grammatical errors?) Note: All sources must be cited in the body of the essay and on a Works Cited page. Be sure to proofread and follow MLA format for citations and formatting. Contact me with questions.

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