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This assignment seeks to offer an analysis concerning the relative application o

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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This assignment seeks to offer an analysis concerning the relative application of various aspects of leadership and its effects on a change process within an organisation. Students should aim to develop their own arguments based on theory (classical leadership theories, neuro-leadership approaches, complexity science and leadership) as well practical examples that they can find from change process experiences in companies / organisations. Students’ assignments should include: 1. A thorough and critical literate review on the leadership approaches based on recently published papers in academic journals and books. Each student needs to have a minimum of 20 references (mainly academic journal papers). 2. An Investigation of organizational change process based on their experiences and observations of this process. Each report produced by students MUST follow the structure given below: Coursework Handout: Code: CBE6184 Unit Title: Leading & Managing People 2 ? An abstract of 100-150 words maximum (they do not count to the overall word count). The abstract needs to demonstrate briefly but clearly what is the scope of the assignment as well as the main conclusions emerged. ? Table of contents ? Introduction, including purpose and structure of the assignment. (approx. 200 words) ? Theory part, in which students will briefly analyse the most relevant and recently published literature on the specific topic (approx. 1300 words) ? Practical part (Analysis of Company Examples), in which students should have the following sections 1. Brief profile of the company/organisation and the change occurred (200 words) 2. Analysis of examples referring to the issue under investigation with clear references to the literature. (1100 words) ? Conclusions & Recommendations, in which student summarise the main arguments of their analysis and suggest some practical ideas based on leadership approach used (approx. 700 words) ? References (Harvard System). ? Appendices (Organizational Charts, Management Documents, etc.)

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