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Assessment Description Understanding instructional methods that are appropriate

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Education | 0 comments


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Assessment Description
Understanding instructional methods that are appropriate for adult learners is an essential part of being a higher education instructor. Higher education instructors must be able to effectively relay information to adult learners in ways they best respond to. Instructors must also select appropriate resources that support instructional methods and enhance learner engagement and achievement.
For this assignment, continue to use the “Course Design Template” that you started in Topic 4 to complete your course design. For each of the six topics created in your Topic 4 assignment, you will develop instructional methods and activities appropriate for adult learners that align with your chosen topics.
Include the following for each of the six topics:
Design one instructional activity that aligns with the topic and objective to engage students in the learning in both online and traditional classroom settings. At least one activity in the course must require student collaboration.
Describe one research-based instructional method that could be used to facilitate learning.
Describe a formative assessment or assignment for each topic that will assess student learning.
Include strategies for differentiation of instruction and assessment.
Identify the instructional resources that will aid in the implementation of instruction, instructional methods, and activities. Describe how each resource will be used to meet the established learning objectives. At least one resource in the course must be technology-based (not including the online learning management system).
Support your instructional methods, activities, and formative assessments with a minimum of three resources.
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