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Next, complete a written evaluation of your chosen argumentative essay. Your ess

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Next, complete a written evaluation of your chosen argumentative essay. Your essay should be 500-700 words long.

Assignment Submission:

Use of sources is required; all papers must be cited and written in APA format.

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Detailed Instructions:

Public Texts: Editorials in periodicals are often brief arguments. Find, read, and analyze an editorial on an issue that interests you:

A. Introduction. Tell the reader what article you will be discussing and why. Then, the last sentence should be the thesis, that tells the reader what the essay is about and why it is important.

B. Body Paragraph: Group the first two answers together for the first paragraph.

What approach does the editorial take—Toulmin, Rogerian, something else?

How does the editorial present and address opposing points of view.

C. Body Paragraph: Group the third and fourth answers together for the second paragraph since they discuss logos, ethos, and pathos.

In what ways does the editorial appeal to ethos? How does it build credibility?

In its appeals to pathos, does the editorial connect with needs and values?

D. Body Paragraph: Group the fifth and sixth, and seventh answers together for the third paragraph since they’re both about logic and evidence.

What is the editorial’s main claim? Is it a claim of truth, value, or policy?

What arguments does the editorial offer to support that claim? Is the reasoning logical? Are the warrants behind the reasoning sound?

What types of evidence does the writer provide to support his or her reasoning? Is the evidence valid, sufficient, current, and accurate?

E. Conclusion: Summary of thesis and/or main points. How would you characterize the overall success or failure of this argument?

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