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Preparing the Paper For this assignment, you will need to become familiar with t

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Preparing the Paper For this assignment, you will need to become familiar with the components of the ANCC MagnetT model. The link to the model is found below. (Links to an external site.) Case Scenario As the chief quality and safety officer, you have been leading the initiative for the healthcare system to obtain MagnetT status from the American Nurses Credentialling Center (ANCC). The facility applied, was visited, and has received the report. The report identifies a deficiency (or deficiencies) in one of the Five Magnet Model* components. A solution must be implemented that shows improvement in the area within the next six months at which time another visit will be scheduled. For this assignment, you will create an executive summary of the report addressed to the board of directors of the healthcare facility. You will choose a Force of Magnetism within one of the MagnetT model components for your focus. The executive summary will include all the following: (1) a description of one of the five Magnet components within which a deficiency (or deficiencies) exists, (2) the specific “Force of Magnetism” that is deficient, (3) the criterion used by the examiners to the indicate the deficiency and the evidence/metric used, (4) an analysis of their findings and possible solutions to resolve the issue, and (5) the impact of the deficiency and recommended solutions on the organization. The Five Magnet Model Components* are listed below. Choose one of these upon which to focus your assignment. The link to the ANCC website where these components are described is provided at the beginning of the assignment. Within each component the “Forces of Magnetism” are listed. The description of how these are measured, or the evidence examined to determine compliance, are also generally described on the web page. Choose one of the Forces to explore more deeply and describe how your facility was deficient. From this you will be able to propose two potential solutions to address the deficiency found by the examiners. In your description of criteria/findings you will need to identify the specific criteria used and the evidence of the deficiency. Magnet Model Components: Transformational Leadership Force #1: Quality of Nursing Leadership Force #3: Management Style Structural Empowerment Force #2: Organizational Structure Force #4: Personnel Policies and Programs Force #10: Community and Healthcare Organization Force #12: Image of Nursing Force #14: Professional Development Exemplary Professional Practice Force #5: Professional Models of Care Force #8: Consultation and Resources Force #9: Autonomy Force #11: Nurses as Teachers Force #13: Interdisciplinary Relationships New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements Force #7: Quality Improvement Empirical Quality Results Force #6: Quality of Care Requirements Use the following template to complete your assignment. This is the outline of headings that you should follow for the paper. Remember, there is no heading for the introduction. It is shown here only to indicate an introduction to the paper is required. The bold type used here is for emphasis only. Follow the most current edition of the APA manual guidelines for using bold font for headings. The information in the italics indicates the content for the section and does not require a separate heading. Introduction (to the assignment) (centered, NO HEADING) Includes statement of assignment’s purpose, general explanation of an executive summary, overview of paper’s components) Executive Summary (centered, heading) Purpose (flush left margin, heading) Reason for Executive Summary of the ANCC Magnet Report Overview of what will be covered in the summary Background (flush left margin, heading) Context and personal credentialling Model component and Force of Magnetism deficiencies specified Impact of deficiency on organizational outcomes specified Potential impact of deficiency on patient and staff outcomes Criteria/Findings (flush left margin, heading) Criteria or metrics used by evaluators specified Deficiency(ies) specifically described Report Analysis (flush left margin, heading) Analysis of the metrics/findings Two (2) possible solutions to address deficiencies identified Recommendations (flush left margin, heading) Preferred recommended solution with substantive rationale Requirements of organization to implement (time, money, partnerships) Impact of solution and its implementation to the organization Conclusion (of the assignment) (centered, heading) Recap of paper’s purpose Summary of what was accomplished A minimum of three (3) scholarly sources, no older than 5 years must be used for the paper. These should be relevant to nursing and should represent the majority of evidence provided in the paper. Other sources may be used in addition to these; however, they will not be counted as part of the scholarly source requirement. The paper should contain all elements required under the guidelines and provided by the outline. The outline provided should be followed for organizing the paper. Only level one headings are required. Remember, the introduction does not have a heading. A maximum of four (4) pages, excluding title and reference pages, is required. Microsoft (MS) Word is required for completing the assignment per Chamberlain policy. The paper should be written in third person, active voice. Refer to “Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers in Graduate Programs” found in the Student Resources Central of the course. The assignment is graded on quality of written communication using standard English grammar, sentence structure, use of scholarly evidence, and organization based on the required components. Quality is also measured by completeness of required content elements of the assignment.

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