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This the Rubric for the Assignment. Feel Free to choose whatever product/commerc

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This the Rubric for the Assignment. Feel Free to choose whatever product/commercial to choose from. Note that I am male so a feminine product or a product used mostly by the female gender wouldn’t apply to this assignment. Topic: Select a commercial for a product that you use, and analyze whether or not the commercial is well done or poorly done. Discuss the forms of persuasion used in the commercial. Also, the commercial isn’t necessarily a reflection on the product, so you may really enjoy your Jordans but think the commercial you chose for it is not a good one. Incorporate your research through an essay presented on the Medium website (or a similar site approved by me). You must have a minimum of four sources—one will be the commercial itself. At least two of your sources must have an author with a first and last name. Remember: Don’t just make claims about the commercial. Back up your viewpoints with sound reasoning. If you make a statement, support your idea by referring specifically to either your commercial or your research. Keep in mind that you want to do more than simply provide an opinion; support it w/ strong arguments. Things You Need to Do: Begin your essay w/ an allusion that does not reference your commercial but that you can tie into your commercial. Provide a clip of your commercial on your Medium page. Focus on the details (i.e. small words in print and background). Have a minimum of four images and or videos. Have a minimum of four links. Special Instructions: Rough publish Although your rough publish will count as homework, you will need to turn it in on D2L Dropbox under Essay 3. This is a separate assignment. In order to receive credit for the homework, you must write at least 3 full pages, submit a digital copy on D2L as well as a publish on Medium (or the corresponding site). Italicize your thesis statement. You must turn in your final publish on D2L Dropbox as well as on Medium. Format and Length Requirements: 1. Use 12-point Times New Roman Font. 2. Type, Double-Space and Number Your Page Throughout (Follow the Guidelines for MLA format as discussed in class). 3. You must have the equivalent to 4-6 fully typed pages (If you write less than 4 full pages, you will not receive a passing grade on the essay).

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