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1. What is meant by thermohaline circulation? What is AABW? NADW? (1 pt) 2. If t

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Biology (and other Life Sciences) | 0 comments


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1. What is meant by thermohaline circulation? What is AABW? NADW? (1 pt)
2. If the sun warms the ocean’s surface, creating a layer of warm water, why doesn’t the structure remain that way? (1 pt)
3. What does a longshore current have to do with the seasonal beach cycle? (1 pt)
4. Why is the Chesapeake Bay an estuary? What kind of estuary is it? (1 pt)
5. What is a gyre? Give an example. (1 pt)
6. Describe the ecological hierarchy. (1 pt)
7. What constitutes a species? (1 pt)
8. What is territoriality? (1 pt)
9. How is resistance to predators enhanced by natural selection? (1 pt)
10. What is crypsis? (1 pt)
11. Define mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. (1 pt)
12. Why are nutrients concentrated at oceanic fronts? (1 pt)
13. What plankton category would the Portuguese Man-o-War fall into? Why? (1 pt)
14. If someone told you that a bottom sample from the deep ocean contained foraminiferous ooze, what do you think would be the dominant material in this substance? (1 pt)
15. Describe a simple planktonic food chain, naming a primary, secondary, and tertiary producer.
(1 pt)
16. What is a Hardy-Bainbridge Plankton Wheel? (1 pt)
17. Many tropical zooplankton have elaborate spines. These have been interpreted as either a defense against predation or a means to increase drag and prevent sinking. How would you determine which was the likely reason for these structures? (1 pt)
18. What type of planktonic organisms causes “red tides”? What sort of damage do these blooms create? (1 pt)
19. What structure is used by gastropods to scrape, puncture, or tear apart prey? (1 pt)
20. Name three factors that cause a reduction in biodiversity. (1 pt)
21. What are the 3 types of sewage treatment and describe each one? (2pts)
22. Your answer for this question only should be paraphrased, in essay form, with APA in-text and reference list citations with 150 minimum words, Is anything about the greenhouse effect good for the earth, IF SO, please describe what it is and how it has a positive impact on earth.

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