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Select three works of visual art from three different eras that you feel represe

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Art : Art History | 0 comments


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Select three works of visual art from three different eras that you feel represent you or aspects of you.  These works can be from any genre, but you must be able to link to the artwork or include an image, so your classmates are able to see and experience the artworks for themselves.  Try to incorporate artworks of different media. I would prefer you not choose three paintings, but perhaps two paintings and sculpture, or better yet, one painting, one three-dimensional artwork such as a sculpture or architectural work,  and one work of digital art.  You should try to vary the media as much as possible, but I also want you to choose works that mean something to you, so if that’s three paintings, then explain that in your posting.
Write at least one paragraph about each work and what it means to you.  Describe the work using what you’ve learned in class, then explain in detail how the work represents you or aspects of you.  For example, if you choose an artwork such as Michelangelo’s David:
you will include a picture or link to a picture (usually the museum a work of art resides in will have a page you can link to)
you will describe the work in visual detail and include a brief discussion of the subject of the artwork if applicable (abstract art may not have a subject)
you will explain the significance of the artwork to you and how you feel it is a representation of you
Perhaps because David is the underdog of the story you relate to him because of a specific personality trait or past experience in which you were the underdog, but came out on top in the same way David did.
Perhaps you are a sculptor and you envy Michelangelo’s technique
Perhaps you see David as a representation of faith in God and that represents your faith
Perhaps you view David as the perfect representation of a male nude and that expresses your views on the human body and health
Those are just a few examples, but I hope you get the idea.  You do not need to choose your artwork based on the subject matter.  You can choose artwork for its visual characteristics instead or as well. 
I would love to see and read about artworks that you connect to for cultural reasons, which can be related to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, diverse abilities, etc. For example, if you or your family is from Brazil, look up Brazilian art. Do you find any connections there? You do not need to make all your choices with this in mind, but if you can find one work that you connect with that speaks to you in regards to your own culture, I think that would be really cool for both of us.

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