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Hey cathy. (((((You are off focus for this assignment. I would like you to revi

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing | 0 comments


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Hey cathy.
(((((You are off focus for this assignment.
I would like you to revise your assignment however if you do not wish to please just return it as is and I will mark it.
You are missing several elements.
Attached is an example of the write up for the cognitive domain- review the structure and apply it to each domain. This is outlined in the letter sent to you at the beginning of the course.
Each domain objective requires:
Summary of what each domain objective must contain:
Clearly stated learner objective ( identify the domain) and make sure the objective has an action that  clearly identifies the measurable outcome. Use the SMART principles.
Identify and explain the Level of knowledge category for the objective action for each domain. ( Clark, 2015)
The behavioural teaching model or learning theory that influences and relates to this objective action.( WHO, 2012 documents).
Present teaching strategies you may use to present and teach this objective))), this is the feedback from my instructor.
Please find 3 attached docs which includes, feedback for the assignment which you worked on. Please follow the information which needs to be updated. There is another attachment which includes the sample of the assignment provided by my instructor.
Please give your 100%. Thank you kindly. If you need more information please text me here. thx
And I hope you do have the assignment of this which you made, if not please message me.

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