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MUL 2010 students are required to attend in person or view on Youtube (or anothe

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Music | 0 comments


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MUL 2010 students are required to attend in person or view on Youtube (or another video platform) one full music concert and write a three-to-five-page response to the performance using the information and terminology you have learned in our class. This assignment should be typed in formal English and submitted as an email attachment. Your chosen concert should pertain to western art music or other musical styles addressed in our class. Acceptable musical styles include all classical music performances, opera performances, and musical theater performances. Please contact your instructor is you would like to write about a jazz concert or a concert of non-western music (such as the music of Brazil, India, Africa, etc.).
Please consider in your paper the considerations listed below. Consider the items that are most important and relevant to your musical experience as you discuss each work on the program (please feel free to include other observations as well):
Please analyze the pieces using the five foundational questions that guide our musical discussions: What is it? How does it work? What does it mean? What is its history? Where do I go from here?
What did you like and/or dislike about the work and the performance? Why? Please be honest and straight-forward but justify your position.
Discuss the most prominent musical features of the particular composition. Please consider information learned in the Elements section of your textbook and apply these musical concepts (melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, form, style, etc.) to the works you heard.
Discuss the instrumentation and how it was used and exploited for aesthetic effect.
Discuss the musical features of the composition as it relates to the historical period of the work.
Discuss the importance of knowing the program in a programmatic work.
Discuss the role of the conductor (if there is one) and how he led the ensemble.
Discuss your level of interest and how it increased or decreased during the performance. Relate any observations you may have about the concert atmosphere, audience members and concert etiquette issues.
Please do not be overly concerned about the accuracy of your statements – I would rather have you make an incorrect aural assessment rather than avoid these issues entirely. I want you to test your ear and challenge yourself to listen more actively. This activity requires practice. Students must view the entire duration of the event. Most importantly, enjoy the concert! This assignment is worth 15% of your overall grade.

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