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This assignment is a culminating exercise to expound on your knowledge and under

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This assignment is a culminating exercise to expound on your knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Intelligence Community and the National Security establishment. This assignment is not meant to be exhaustive in nature, rather an encapsulation of the introductory level of information you have studied and synthesized over the duration of the course. You may write on any topic you choose. However, chosen topics must be appropriate to the course materials presented and must be narrowed to provide a cogent, well-written, well-researched paper. You must demonstrate a firm understanding of the topic area thru the presentation of an introduction, main body and conclusion centered on a Thesis Statement. This paper serves to coalesce your understanding of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the apparatuses & capabilities it uses, and the National Security decision-making processes it supports. Specific requirements of the assignment: ? Length of assignment: 5 – 8 pages o This page count does not include the Title Page or References Page(s). o Page counts exceeding nine (9) pages will be deducted points. o Although Students may see them in certain Sample Papers or Templates, Abstracts are not required nor should be part of this assignment. ? Format of assignment: Current APA ? Number of citations: Minimum of one per page that counts towards the required length. ? Acceptable sources: o Scholarly articles published within the last five years o Seminal published works on the paper topics o U.S. or foreign government reports or transcripts o Biblical passages that provide relevant examples ? Ensure all information, excerpts, paraphrases & ideas are appropriately attributed to the original source. ? Use of classified information: because of the course subject matter and the numerous Students who hold security clearances & access with signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), all sources must be UNCLASSIFIED. Do not use Controlled UNCLASSIFIED Information (CUI), Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) or any form of classified information in this course (e.g., CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, TOP SECRET).

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