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Week 5 Discussion In this week’s Strayer Talk, you saw how Coach’s team reacted

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Week 5 Discussion In this week’s Strayer Talk, you saw how Coach’s team reacted to receiving their DiSC personality results. You also learned how their distinct personalities help them succeed at JGR Racing. Understanding your personality and how you work best can open doors in your life and career and improve your communication with those around you. Now that you have your own DiSC results (D, i, S, and/or C) describe a situation at home, school, or work where you had difficulty seeing eye-to-eye with someone else due to personality differences. How would understanding your DiSC profile have helped you communicate with them more effectively? For example, let’s say you scored high on i (influential and optimistic) while your boss shows many of the strengths of a D (focused on the task, strong drive, direct, assertive). In the past, you may have had a hard time communicating with your boss because of her assertiveness. You might realize that you would be more effective communicating with your boss if you present your ideas in a “no-nonsense,” direct way. She may not take you seriously if you go off-topic. Note: one original and a response to another student. LaQuintia Pettie There was a time when my sister and I did not see eye-to-eye. It was regarding new furniture for our living room. I wanted dark grey living room furniture with a bright color for our throw pillows to make the living room area pop with color. My sister wanted the living room to be black and grey. I pleaded my case as to why there should be a light color in the living room. With my understanding of my DISC profile, with me being fully aware of how I process and handle situations, I would know how to intake my sister’s information without feeling offended or upset because my sister has a different taste than I do. I will learn how to use some of her ideas and my own so that we can come to a common ground to decorate our living together to incorporate both of our ideas.

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