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Documentation style: • MLA (in-text citations + Works Cited page) Dates to know:

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Documentation style: • MLA (in-text citations + Works Cited page) Dates to know: August 10th • Final copy due via email for grading. • Your work must be submitted as a MS Word file (.doc or .docx). Use your own name as the file name. No corrected or “improved” versions of your paper will be accepted after the fact, so be sure that what you send me the first time is the version that you want me to grade. • A grade reduction will apply to work received within the first 48 hours after the deadline (see the Course Syllabus for details). Essays received or still outstanding after that period will receive a zero. Directions: Read the question below and write a double-spaced argumentative essay in response. Per the requirement stipulated in the Course Syllabus, your essay should not exceed 1500 words and must be no less than 1300 words in length. Think carefully about the material: Your answer to the question will form the basis of your thesis, and your ability to support your response with selected, well-integrated evidence (quotations) from the novel will decide a significant portion of your grade for this assignment. Essay question: • Grace Marks is in the penitentiary for much of the story. Yet, the novel carefully depicts other “prisons” as well, e.g. how the mind can imprison us; how gender roles can imprison us; how, in marriage/relationships, the other person can imprison us; how social class can imprison us. Choose one of those four “prisons” as the topic for your essay. Ask yourself: How and where does the novel illustrate that “prison”? Why does the novel do so, in your view? To say what? Important: • This assignment is intended to be your own close reading or analysis of the literary work involved. Drawing upon material from the Internet, secondary sources, or other third-party analysis is not permitted. Should others’ words/ideas be submitted as your own, uncredited, such action may be in violation of the College’s Academic Integrity Policy (see p. 11-12 5 of the Course Syllabus for an overview. • Essays that are visibly under-length, under-developed, and/or contain frequent, pervasive errors related to spelling, incorrect author/character names, typos, strange capitalization, bizarre spacing issues, and other signs of general carelessness are likely to receive a low or failing grade on the basis that they do not meet basic requirements or expectations of the assignment. It is recommended that you take care to proofread your work prior to submission.

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