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Goals of this assignment: Learn about intersectionality Learn how to create an o

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments


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Goals of this assignment:
Learn about intersectionality
Learn how to create an on-line informational/educational blog post for public consumption
Your task will be to explain in clear and presentable format Patricia Hill Collins’ analysis of intersectionality and the institutional dimension of oppression, as well as to pick examples from our society and describe how this works in real life.
Requirements and Assessment (Total of 25 points):
Introduction to intersectionality (7 points). Use the reading Toward a New Vision by Hill Collins, the power point slides provided, the library, or any on-line resources to complete this section.
Provide an analysis of oppression using the institutional dimension (10 points). Pick a modern institution (media, education, military, government, religion, etc.) in which the three major categories of oppression (race, class, gender), are active simultaneously, and describe these three categories and how they are operating together. Be specific about how each category holds a subordinate position to the dominant position, and how multiple categories (say, gender and class), interact to create different types of oppressions
Hyperlinks and citations (3 points). Minimum of five hyperlinks and three citations.
Add pictures/multimedia (2 points). Minimum of two pictures/links/charts/tables. No videos please!
Bibliography/works cited section. (1 point)
Presentation/professionalism. (2 points)
The format I would suggest utilizing for this assignment is a Wikipedia page. (The difference between a wiki and a blog is that wiki’s are open to editing from the public, while blogs are personal). Of course I am not asking you to create an entire wiki page, but it might provide some ideas in terms of how you organize your information.

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