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Use the scenario below called, “The Case” and tools from the attached Community

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Use the scenario below called, “The Case” and tools from the attached Community Tool Box PDF and the attached, “Stake Holders” Power Point to build on the work from the Stakeholders table in the attached, “Finding Stakes” document to publish a 2-3 page paper outlining in narrative form, your specific goals for each stakeholder identified (individual and groups). Make sure to consider the nature of the interest, the degree/weight of the interest, and your projected potential outcomes when designing your goals. Remember, you goals for each stakeholder should reflect your intentions for the best possible outcomes. This paper is an APA-7 paper, and you should cite as necessary. While this is an outline of your goals for the indicated stakeholders, the paper should still take narrative form, making use of subheadings in order distinguish the different stakeholders. The Case A staff member named Elizabeth has just returned to work after taking special leave to care for her injured husband. Elizabeth’s family relies on her full-time position at the organization even more now that her husband is still in recovery. She’s been having difficulties with her husband’s in-home rehabilitation, and this has caused her to miss a number of morning meetings with the team. Additionally, for the same reasons related to her husband’s recovery, Elizabeth sometimes has to leave the office early. Elizabeth is very competent in her work but her absences from meetings and leaving early are putting more work and pressure on the team. You are her manager, and you know factually that there is more work and pressure as a result of Elizabeth’s actions. Mario, a male colleague is beginning to make comments such as “a woman’s place is in the home,” and has started to undermine Elizabeth whenever he can find the opportunity. Mario’s actions are increasing the pressure and stress on Elizabeth, and the team.

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