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A project management methodology defines the way you will complete a project. It

by | Aug 13, 2022 | IT, Web | 0 comments


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A project management methodology defines the way you will complete a project. It usually includes the steps, methods, processes, and roles that will occur as you work to complete the project. Since there are many differences in the methodologies, it is important to pick one that works well for your industry and your specific project.
Read the Customer Support Inc. Case Study and complete the assignment below.
Part A:
Select a project management methodology you will use to implement the project discussed in the case study.
Create a 2- to 2½-page, detailed task list for your project by applying your selected methodology. You should use either spreadsheet software or another software application of your choice to create the task list. Include at least the following for each task:
Time needed to complete the task
Prerequisite tasks
Whether the task is completed internally or by an external vendor
Additional notes
Research additional task lists or project plan examples online.
Consider the project requirements when building your task list. Think about how the learning resources and their tacking will need to be integrated into the HR software.
Read the 2 linked examples of project plans implemented as Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets: Example Plan A and Example Plan B. Use these as guides in creating your own publish project plan. Notice the differences between these 2 examples.
Part B:
Write a 1- to 2-page paper on the following two topics:
Differentiate between Agile and waterfall methodologies. In your paper, you should justify your selection of the methodology used for this project. Cite at least 2 sources to support your rationale.
Describe the critical roles that are needed for this project to be completed successfully using the methodology you selected. The roles you discuss could include project manager, project sponsor, business analyst, scrum master, or program manager.

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