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Learning Outcomes Assessed: 3 Weight: 40% Compare and contrast contemporary issu

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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Learning Outcomes Assessed: 3 Weight: 40% Compare and contrast contemporary issues and opportunities with the SDGs between two countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Task Description: You are required to develop a 1500-word analysis of contemporary issues and opportunities for business relating to SDGs within two chosen countries in the Asia Pacific region. You MUST choose one (1) country from the Pacific region, AND one (1) country from the Asian region Japan & New Zealand You should select two (2) sustainable development goals (SDGs) and analyse the challenges of these within your two countries. Module 4 introduces some ‘Challenges to Sustainable Development’ that may be a useful starting point for you. You will be developing a critical analysis of the drivers and effects of these issues within the countries and identifying opportunities for business. You will be comparing and contrasting the issues in the two countries. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The aim of this exercise is to develop an analysis that compares and contrasts issues and opportunities in your chosen countries. You will need to use literature to support you. When you present research, make sure you are critical- we discuss ‘being critical’ in our workshops. All research presented must be referenced properly referenced using APA referencing, with in-text references and a reference list. Word limit: 1500 words (+/-10%) You require a minimum of six (6) sources. This can include journal articles, book chapters, websites and government reports. Of these, at least two (2) must be academic, peer-reviewed publications. In-text references ARE included in word limit Do not use first person Modules 4-8 are very useful in completing this task. To reference module content, please use the following in your reference list: Griffith University (2021 or 2022). Engaging Australia and the Asia Pacific: Module X. Accessed XXX (date) from xxxxxxx

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