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For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore your current leade

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For this assignment, you will have the opportunity to explore your current leadership skills. Look at the links below for some assessments you will need to complete to in order to assess your ability to be an effective leader. You will not be graded in any way on the feedback from the assessments, only on your interpretation of the results and the connections you make to course concepts and theories. Instructions: • Write a paper using the sections listed below. • Leadership Aspirations: Discuss your leadership aspirations, visions, and goals with reference to the setting in which you would like to be a leader. Refer to specific theories and models of leadership in discussing your aspirations. • Leadership Assessments: Complete the following web-based assessments: o Performing Under Pressure Quiz o Emotional Intelligence Quiz o How Good Are Your Leadership Skills? • Analyzing Your Leadership Skills: After completing the assessments, summarize your results. In doing so, you may want to look for themes or patterns and make some connections between the assessments. For example, are you personality-type results clearly indicated in your emotional intelligence quiz results? Feel free to add your own observations or reactions related to the assessment results. • From here, you will need to analyze your results and make connections to the concepts and theories covered in class. Discuss the new insights, if any, you gathered from the results. Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED • Leadership Development Plan: In this section of the paper, you will develop a personal plan based on your analysis of your leadership skills. As part of your plan, list three development goals and specific objectives that you plan to achieve. Be creative! Are there courses you can take on Linkedin Learning? Are there articles you can read to help achieve your goals? • Conclusion: What conclusions can you gather here? How can you internalize the results and make improvements for your future? Requirements: • Use proper APA format when citing your sources both in-text and on a reference page. • Be sure to avoid using internet sources such as Wikipedia or other web-based resources that do not have strong academic backing. • Use at least three additional sources (at least two scholarly sources such as scholarly or peer-reviewed journals) to support your claims.

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