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1. Describe the job. Find out as much as you can about what the job involves. Yo

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1. Describe the job. Find out as much as you can about what the job involves. You can do this by: (1) looking at job ads or position descriptions on the company’s website, (2) reading O*NET descriptions of the job that most closely corresponds to the one you have chosen, and/or (3) reading media articles or employee depictions of the work experiences of the job on posting boards (e.g., Glassdoor).
2. Identify work design characteristics to target. Based on the information you have collected, identify 2-3 work design characteristics that you think may be a good target for job redesign. Use one of the job design framework we discussed this week—e.g., Hackman & Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model, Morgeson’s & Humphries’ (2006) taxonomy, Grant’s (2007, 2008) prosocial job design approach, or any other major approach discussed in the Grant (2011) chapter—to guide your thinking. Define each job design feature and explain why you think this may need to be targeted for this particular job. Remember, this assignment is not about improving the employees’ experience generally, but rather improving aspects of the job related to job design.
3. Propose job design solutions. Then, describe how the job could be redesigned to address 2-3 work design characteristics emphasized in the framework you have chosen. You will need to consider what is likely feasible given the fundamental nature of the job. For the sake of this assignment, assume that the organizations buy in to the need to invest in improving their employees’ work experiences. Describe what you expect would be the main attitudinal and/or behavioral outcomes of implementing these solutions.
Please use the following link and the attached references. Please follow instructions and rubric closely professor is strict I got a bad grade from a previous writing service so submitting the paper here.

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